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Distance Education Courses

Course Professor
BME 6010 Ethics in EGR Research & Practice Dave Kender
BME 7310 Advanced Ergonomics Dr. Govind Bharwani
BME 7850 Lean Process Improvement for Engineers Dr. Govind Bharwani
CEG 4260 Matrix Computations Dr. Ronald Taylor
CEG 4400 Computer Networks and Security Dr. Bin Wang
CEG 4400-L Computer Networks and Security Lab Dr. Bin Wang
CEG 4510 3-D Modeling and Computer Animation Dr. Thomas Wischgoll
CEG 7590 Medical Image Analysis and Visualization Dr. Arthur Goshtasby
CS 1180 Computer Science I Michael Ondrasek
CS 1180-L Computer Science I Lab Michael Ondrasek
CS 1181 Computer Science II Michael Ondrasek
CS 1181-L Computer Science II Lab Michael Ondrasek
CS 1181-R Computer Science II Michael Ondrasek
CS 2200 Discrete Structures and Their Algorithms Dr. Ronald Taylor
CS 2200-R Discrete Struc Algorithm Dr. Ronald Taylor
CS 7100 Advanced Programming Languages Dr. TK Prasad
CS 7800 Information Retrieval Dr. TK Prasad
EE 7620 Detection, Optimization, and Optimal Filter Theory Dr. Fred Garber
EGR 1010 Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications Dr. Kuldip Rattan
EGR 4980 Engineering Fundamentals Dr. P. Ruby Mawasha
EGR 7020 Systems Engineering & Analysis Dr. Sasanka Prabhala
IHE 6130 Statistics for Engineers Trevor Bihl
IHE 6320 Human Systems Interaction & Usability Engineering Dr. Subhashini Ganapathy
IHE 6410 Tech Based Ventures Dr. Arthur Gooray
IHE 6420 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Dr. Sunil Kulkarni
IHE 6712 Simulation & Stochastic Models Dr. Xinhui Zhang
IHE 6712-L Simulation and Stochastic Models Laboratory Dr. Xinhui Zhang
IHE 6810 Production & Service Systems Dr. Pratik Parikh
IHE 7010 Understanding and Aiding Human Decision Making Dr. Subhashini Ganapathy
IHE 7711 Integer Optimization & Heuristics Dr. Xinhui Zhang
IHE 7712 Discrete Event Modeling & Analysis Dr. Frank Ciarallo
IHE 7980 Cognitive Systems Engineering Dr. Mary Fendley
ME 2210 Dynamics Dr. Nikolai Priezjev
ME 3600 Experimental Measurements and Instrumentation Dr. Sanjiv Sinha
ME 5600 Experimental Measurements and Instrumentation Dr. Sanjiv Sinha